Leadership/Executive Coaching on Behaviour change

A client of mine had typical organisation issues with the managers of the Tier 1 teams. They needed to be coached /mentored . When dived in deeply to their issues, almost everything narrowed down to the Behaviour.

They got into a long-term coaching engagement. The leaders were met on a one to one basis for about 8 sessions. The process we used helped them in identifying the Behaviour changes they needed to see themselves on a change journey. A lot of self-awareness kicked in, habit change attempted, learnt the current leadership trends and managing the relationships between people in the team.

This process helped the managers and the teams under them to actually see a visible change in their leaders.
As Peter Drucker once famously said, “The higher you go the only thing you could change is behaviour. Leaders of the 21st century need to know how to ask more than how to tell.”


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Team Collaboration through assessment

Another client, a fairly larger organisation had Team collaboration issues. This was with a particular dept having high potential team members. They were not collaborating within the team and the teams outside too, thus affecting overall productivity.

Here the interventions required was something on a shorter engagement and therefore we used the BELBIN Behavioural assessment. Through BELBIN a sound awareness set in on the Strengths of the individuals, preference to their natural roles and understand the least preferred roles. The teams started having a shared understanding of each other in the team and handle the relationship keeping in mind ‘The allowable weakness’ of each of them and leveraging on their strengths. This helped a great deal in bringing upon cohesiveness in the team, beautiful working relationship and set an example to the other teams. The organisation slowly started introducing BELBIN to other core teams thus helping in inter and intra departmental collaborative working and conflict management.

Identifying the Leadership Pipelines /successions

A mid-sized organisation approached us on Leadership talent development in the Tier 2/Tier 3 region. Many businesses miss seeing this as a very important factor in their growth.

The respective prospective leaders were identified and given to us for a Team coaching on their Leadership Journey.
These leaders were met for a 6 session engagement on making them the Leaders for tomorrow. They went through learning/practical sessions on the leadership transition phase, pressure tests, handling relationships, behaviour changes wherever required, unbox their potential, real-time challenges, in the series of meetings we had.

The management could slowly see the tremendous change in this high potential leaders who were ready to take over higher positions in the organisation ladder. They were introduced to the respective elevations/challenges in their careers and today are doing much better as the next successive Leaders in pipeline. This also helped organisation not to look for an external source to fill these positions.

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Jalaja Hariprasad is an Executive Coach and specialises in Behaviour change/Leadership development. She is a PCC from International Coach Federation, an Executive Coach from Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching, Certified in GLOF (Global Leader of the Future), BELBIN Accredited. She has close to three decades of corporate exposure and specialises in People development space for organisation/teams.

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