Deepening your WHY

This is one of the topics close to my heart in my Coaching sessions. These are some of the questions which we dive deep into when we start looking at our Purpose/Why (Learnings from S Sinek’s classes)

As leaders, ask yourself these questions:

a) Do you have a clarity on why you do what you do?

b) Have you actually brought ‘your cause’ to life?

c) Can you see passion there?

d) Is innovation and flexibility attached to it?

If you have the answers to the above, then write down your values and purpose. It is important to have a ‘Verb’ element to your sentence, to be effective and in action – doing mode

We can actually see the Why from Leaders who lead from the heart first than the mind, and when this is expressed, loyalty and belongingness with all stakeholders around will be visible.

Finding Why is a process of ‘discovery’ not invention.

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