Building a Productivity Promoting Organisational Culture

These two statements are true –

  • Every organisation has a culture, irrespective of whether it is consciously or subconsciously known.
  • The culture of an organisation is what defines its image in the public eye, and this image will be favourable if the culture is found benevolent.

The nature of the relations and interactions taking place at the higher hierarchical levels will trickle down and shape the nature of the interactions at the lower levels of office. Compassion at the higher levels translates to humanitarian methods of functioning at the lower level, thus orienting the organisation as a whole towards the desired approach it would like to be known for.

The primary tools of communicating a company’s culture to its own members and to the world outside, are action and speech. When the employees are well equipped to grasp and embrace the values of the organisation, the organisation becomes more cohesive and unified in the face of challenges and threats. Thus, what the public witnesses would be an exceptionally integrated body of individuals, working towards a singular goal.

The core values of an organisation, once formulated, must always be adhered to, to keep in check traits such as integrity, honesty, and reliance. Abiding by the codes of conduct will help hone the behaviour of individuals better, and allow for immediate feedback regarding certain actions practiced in the workplace. Culture pervades every aspect of a company’s operation, from the features of the infrastructure, to the dress code followed, and guides teams to take confident steps in the right direction.

An apt example for this would be that of a fishbowl. The water, the kind of fish present and the surrounding elements within the bowl combine to form a certain type of environment, and some environments are good, while others are unhealthy. If a healthy fish were to be newly initiated into an unhealthy fish bowl, its well-being would get hindered, as a consequence. On the other hand, if an unhealthy fish were to be added to a healthy fish bowl, its well-being would significantly improve. Such is the importance of the organisational culture, as it can either promote or retrogress the productivity of the employee. As orders from higher offices can initiate major changes in the way a company works, one must always judge a decision holistically, weigh its impact from all angles, and then let it be absorbed by the various levels of the organisation.

Thus, it is extremely important for organisations to consciously develop a great, thriving culture. In order to do this, the right questions must be asked –

  • How does one differentiate between good and bad cultural markers?
  • What are some effective methods to disseminate a culture of productivity?

Visit, and connect to develop a better organisational culture and enhance the growth of the organisation as a whole.

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2 responses to “Building a Productivity Promoting Organisational Culture”

  1. Pearl DSouza says:

    well written Jalaja, brings out the importance of organisation culture. Really like the title ‘Productivity Promoting Organisational Culture’ completely the need of the hour.

  2. Usha Devi says:

    Culture of an organisation is like a glass door showcasing the company’s inside aspects. It forms an integral part in forming a public opinion about the organisation.

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