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"Feedback is the breakfast of champions."

~Ken Blanchard

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Lipjo Joseph & Sujay - Co-Founders at Shipdesk Solutions, Bengaluru

“The exercise done by Jalaja has helped us in identifying some of the unknown good practices which we had in Shipdesk and the importance of it. Some of the initiatives which we had taken was not so relevant and effective as it was not conceived with real open feedback which was brought out in this exercise. Overall a wonderful experience, which will go a long way in organisation building”

We appreciate you for the effort that has gone into giving us such a detailed report.
The Summary we received today was very insightful, these are points which we otherwise would have not understood.
Personally, we are very satisfied with the experience and would like to have such sessions going forward also.
The team also has a very similar opinion about interaction.


Heemanshu Ashar - Head of Marketing Paul John Indian Single Malt John Distilleries, Bengaluru

Thank you Jalaja!

It was a very insightful experience for all of us as well. There has been so much of learning and sharing amongst all of us, and I am confident that it will be useful in achieving our objectives and set the foundation for stronger team going forward.

Ashley Fernandes - Manager Learning & Development John Distilleries, Bengaluru

An excellent programme, Ms. Jalaja Hariprasad’s content and presentation was consistently high quality and engaging and of very high pedagogical standard.

Most importantly, I feel that all the techniques, methods, videos/power point were extremely good. And at no point did I feel that the training was “long” or “dragging on”. Even after breaks/lunch, I felt that there was a lot of energy and enthusiasm. It is great to have a facilitator with so much energy. Also liked the fact that time management was given due importance too.

I felt the team was challenged and consistently drawn into the exercises and presentations had full attention due to the way in which they were conducted. I am inspired to rethink the way I plan and present my work. The level and nature of participation was simply exceptional.

Excellent insight and time just flew by!


Sridhar Balakrishnan - CEO

We would like to acknowledge the training conducted by you on 27th and 28th of April 2017 on the following topics.

1. Leadership journey (Grid theory and Behaviour triggers) for top management team.

2. Interpersonal skills/Role clarity for all executives. All the participants found the training sessions interesting.

Thank you.

Heemanshu Ashar - Independent Strategic Adviser

Jalaja helped me to clear the cobwebs of my choices and really focus on what matters the most. The imagining exercise was enriching and till today it is the same picture that I am progressing towards. Jalaja has the compassion and the skill to assess the potential and coax out the best and make one work towards their goals. The tools of Belbin report is a great instrument and Jalaja’s interpretation and action points from the report were a revelation of self and my journey.

Suresh Menon - Formerly AVP HR - Total Environment Building Systems Pvt ltd, Now independent HR Consultant

I have known Jalaja for a couple of years now and was equally fortunate to attend her programme on Belbin. What impressed me was her lucid but powerful explanation to the subject. She modulates her voice so well that listening is a joy. I am sure her programme can be a lovely input to any organisation

Deepa Nair -AVP Projects (Originating channels) Scope International

I have benefited a great deal from the executive coaching session with Jalaja.

Jalaja has been able to identify the improvement required in my leadership style and coach me to be a better leader. With these coaching sessions I have acquired new skills which would be very valuable for my career.

JK Nair - Adviser - HR & Strategies, Dubai

Jalaja Hariprasad is an independent Advisor / Coach / Mentor who can provide frank and neutral advice. She is ingenious. She has helped me understand issues from different perspectives and coached me to jump the barriers that were holding me back.

She allows us to talk about how to run a business, improvise, develop and how to move forward. Her leadership coaching has made a significant impact on me both personally and professionally. The transition in my career was very easy and quick. She made me comfortable at every stage. Worth to mention, she has a remarkable insight to any problems and address from the root, at the same time she maintains the right balance of encouraging, listening and a good understanding.

Her leadership coaching has enabled me to be more effective as a leader.

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