Empowerment in Organisation

A company, as a concept, is grounded to reality and concretised by its constituent units – its employees. A group of empowered individuals working efficiently can impel the company forward to great heights.

This is why those in the position of leadership have an extremely significant role to play in the empowerment of the company’s employees. The power you wield as a manager or leader can directly influence your employees’ spaces, and their productivity. Evaluate the data, choose your actions, and guide yourself through the several challenges that you might have to face.

There are three important behaviours that can enable the empowerment of your employees.

1. Loosen the reins: It can be quite challenging to loosen the grip on the managerial reins you wield in order to supervise the ceaseless productivity of your employees, but you will find that the rewards are very satisfactory indeed, in the form of independent workers with a strong sense of accountability.

Given the space to operate as responsible individuals, your employees will no longer shy away from making their own decisions, which would naturally motivate them to bring forward diverse solutions to the various challenges the company faces.

Empowering their individuality takes great insight and patience, helping them evaluate the fundamental problems affecting the company, and guiding them to best deal with the same.

2. Trust: With strong guidance comes the impetus to trust well the efficiency of your employees. With trust comes the drive to achieve better so that one can become a greater value to oneself, and by extension, to the company.

A stronghold of healthy bonds within the professional sphere, where its importance is crucial, affects the psyche of employees in positive ways and imparts to them a sense of security that keeps well in balance their tendency to buckle under pressure and under-perform.

3. Abstain from micromanaging: When micromanagement is abstained from in action and speech, the company bears witness to the dynamic surge of productivity in the employees.

Such productivity is common in environments that do not impinge upon the individuality of its workers, encouraging faster, more effective methods of attaining goals.

Thus, it is the role of the leader of the company to empower its employees, and ensure that they have a working environment that is conducive to productivity. For more managerial behaviours that can empower the individuality of your employees, visit www.influxhr.com for details on executive coaching, and how it can help your business.

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